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Pediatric Ectopic Ureter

Key Points About Ectopic Ureter

  • A normal functioning urinary tract is made up of a right and left kidney that each connect to one bladder through a right and left ureter. When one of these ureters does not connect properly to the bladder and drains somewhere outside the bladder, this condition is called an ectopic ureter.
  • In girls, the ectopic ureter usually drains into the urethra or even the vagina. In boys, it usually drains into the urethra near the prostate or into the genital duct system.
  • Sometimes the ectopic ureter is connected to a partial kidney that is part of a duplicated kidney. This is not two separate kidneys, but one kidney that has two separate parts draining through two ureters on one side.
  • Several techniques are available to treat ectopic ureter. Each child is unique and the medical team will work with the family to determine the best option. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

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