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Pediatric Constipation

Key points about constipation in children

  • Constipation is the most common GI (gastrointestinal) problem.
  • You may be constipated when your stools are painful and happen less than three times a week.
  • Your stool will be hard, dry and in small pieces.
  • Your stools get hard and dry when your colon absorbs too much water.
  • Constipation symptoms can include stomach cramps and feeling tired.
  • Constipation can cause other health problems such as hemorrhoids (red, swollen veins in the rectum).
  • Making diet and lifestyle changes can reduce constipation symptoms. These changes can also stop constipation from happening.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Prevention and Risk Assessment

What is constipation?

What causes constipation in children?

Why is constipation in children a concern?

What are the symptoms of constipation in children?

Can constipation be prevented?


How is constipation in children diagnosed?

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What are treatments for constipation in children?

Foods with fiber

What is the long-term outlook for a child with constipation?

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Meet the Providers Who Treat Constipation

Departments that Treat Constipation

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Pediatric Aerodigestive Clinic

Our Aerodigestive Clinic provide specialized care for children with airway problems and feeding disorders.

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Comprehensive Motility Program

The Motility Program works to help treat a number of motility issues impacting your child's digestive tract, including abdominal pain, aspirating, constipation and incontinence. Learn more about our Comprehensive Motility Program.

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Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Our gastroenterology experts provide expert diagnosis and treatments for children with digestive, liver and nutrition disorders.