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Baby crawling on exam tableBaby crawling on exam table

New Patients

Prepare for your visit by completing the following forms:

    Current Patients

    Please consider joining the patient portal to hasten communication, ordering of tests and scheduling follow-up visits. The added benefit is immediate access to results and reports.

      If the patient is under 13:

      • To protect patient privacy, call 866-355-0385 and select Option 1 to request an invitation be sent to your private email.
      Call 866-355-0385


      Call the portal support helpline 24/7.

      Urology Phone Options

      Office phone options when dialing Urology at 202-476-5042:

      • Option 1. Clinic appointment scheduling 
      • Option 2. Nurse advice, prescription refills
      • Option 3. Surgery appointment scheduling
      • Option 4. Spina Bifida Program
      • Option 5. Reserved for physician’s wishing to speak to a urologist

      Urodynamics Testing 

      • For routine questions: Call 202-476-5042 and ask to speak with the nurse practitioner for questions about urodynamics testing.
      • Late or cannot come on your scheduled testing date: Call 202-476-2162 to let us know.


      The Urology fax number is 202-476-4739.