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At Children’s National, we offer the complete range of treatments for pediatric spinal deformities. Our expert spine doctors use the most effective, least invasive techniques when treating your child. We’re here to help return your child back to a normal, active life.

Treating Spine Deformities at Children’s National

No two children experience a spinal deformity in the same way. Our team takes time to thoroughly evaluate your child’s condition and learn about your family’s treatment goals. This helps us select the treatments that are best for your child’s spinal deformity.

Spinal treatments at Children’s National are:

  • Comprehensive: Our Spinal Fusion Surgical Home helps children with a sideways curve in their spine (idiopathic scoliosis) achieve excellent outcomes in the safest way possible. From initial diagnosis through surgery and follow up care, we offer a seamless care experience. 
  • Innovative: We are the only hospital in the Washington, DC area using the Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR®). This new device creates chest space to help children with severe spine and chest wall deformities breathe normally. VEPTR also promotes better lung growth.  
  • Safe: Our orthopaedic surgeons were the first in the Mid-Atlantic area using the O-arm® Surgical Imaging System. This technology uses safe levels of radiation to create three-dimensional (3D) inter-operative images. We use the O-arm® system to help us position spine implants more precisely.
  • Non-invasive: We were among the first hospitals in the country offering the MAGnetic Expansion Control (MAGEC™) Growing Rod. After an initial implant procedure, we adjust the rods in minutes during an office visit as opposed to going through repeat surgeries. Learn more: MAGEC Growing Rod Offers Non-Invasive Treatment Option for Early Onset Scoliosis.
  • Family centered: From helping your child with his or her brace to managing activity restrictions after surgery, spine treatments can affect your whole family. Our team is available to answer questions during all stages of your child’s treatment. We offer additional support through resources for families.  

Spine Condition Treatments We Offer





MAGEC™ Growing Rod

Traditional growing rods

Spinal tethering (flexible non-fusion fixation)

Spinal Fusion