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About the App

The SCORE 4 Brain Health is an app developed by the experts at the Safe Concussion Outcome Recovery & Education (SCORE) Program at Children’s National Hospital and the Matthew Gfeller Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. The SCORE 4 Brain Health app will empower caregivers, athletes, coaches and educators with a tool to identify, track and respond to concussions.

This easy-to-use app is designed to:

  • Facilitate early recognition of concussions
  • Track recovery
  • Provide education and guidance about managing the recovery
  • Ensure a successful and safe return to activities

Questions about the app? Please email us.

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Coming Soon!

The SCORE 4 Brain Health app will be available soon on the App Store and Google Play.

SCORE App Features

The SCORE 4 Brain Health app is a tool that offers three important elements of concussion recognition and response:

  • Incidents: Initial recognition of a suspected concussion with guidance regarding the next important steps to take to receive appropriate care
  • Track: If a concussion has been suspected and/or diagnosed, tracking the symptoms over time to assist in the recovery management of the injury
  • Learn: Access to a library of information to educate the user about concussion and ways to assist the recovery process

The app can be used for persons of any age from infant/preschoool to adult.