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Rare Disease Institute

BearGenes: Genetics Review

Video Series Provides Highlights of Our Work

Be sure to watch our BearGenes videos (available in English and Spanish) to learn more about the innovative work happening at Children's National Hospital Rare Disease Institute.

Rare Disease Institute Overview

rare disease experts

Before your genetics visit: What to expect

Introduction to Newborn Screening

Before Your Genetics Visit

Children's National Hospital is a world leader in clinical care and research in pediatric rare diseases. Learn more about the team members of the Rare Disease Institute, what to expect during your genetics visit and how we've improved access to care through telehealth.

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Genetics and Metabolism

Learn about metabolism and basic genetics concepts that provide a foundation for understanding the genetics evaluation and testing.
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Genetics Testing

During your child's initial visit to the Rare Disease Institute, your genetics provider may recommend genetic testing. Learn more about genetics testing.
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Inheritance Patterns

Inheritance patterns is important to understanding the risk of disease among family members. Genetic experts from Children's National explain more about different types of inheritance patterns.
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Newborn Screening

In some rare diseases, children may appear healthy at birth. Early screening helps healthcare providers discover these diseases early so they can help your child grow up stronger. The genetics experts in the Rare Disease Institute discuss the importance of newborn screening.
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Our experts have provided resources for families of children with rare diseases. Watch the videos.
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Genetic Conditions

Learn about some of the genetic conditions we treat at Children's National.
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Research Study Genetic Testing

The Rare Disease Institute is focused exclusively on advancing the care and treatment of children with rare genetic diseases. Learn about the innovative research behind genetics treatment at Children's National.
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