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Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services

What to Expect While Waiting in the Emergency Department at United Medical Center


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Emergency Department

How long will my child’s ED visit take?

Why do I have to wait after I see the triage nurse?

Why do I have to wait after the nursing assessment to see the doctor, PA or NP?

Why was another family taken back to the treatment area before me even though I have been waiting longer?

Why does everything take so long?

What precautions are you taking to keep me and my family safe in the ED?

How many people can visit my child in the emergency department?

We are hungry. What is there to eat?

What directions do I give to another adult or ride-sharing service who is coming to the hospital?

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Why do I have to sit in chairs instead of a private room?

How long will my visit take when I am in the treatment area?

I have a compliment or a complaint about my ED visit. Who do I talk to?