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Tea brain stimulation consultation

Deep Brain Stimulation Program

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Tea brain stimulation consultation

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical procedure for uncontrolled, difficult, and sometimes painful movements associated with movement disorders, such as seizures.

We are one of only two children’s hospitals in the country with an in-house pediatric deep brain stimulation program. With one of the few dedicated pediatric deep brain stimulation experts in North America, we offer unparalleled expertise.

Our Providers

Our pediatric specialists provide personalized care for your child’s physical, mental and emotional health needs.

Contact Information

For appointments, please call 1-888-884-BEAR (2327) and for information, call 202-476-3020.

Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) uses an implantable neurostimulator device to send continuous, low-level electrical impulses to areas deep within the brain. The impulses prevent the brain from firing abnormal signals that are linked to movement disorders and seizures.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Expertise. Our program is led by Chima Oluigbo, M.D., one of few pediatric DBS experts in North America. He is cross-trained in pediatric and functional neurosurgery, providing our program with superior expertise in treating patients with all types of movement disorders.
  • Multi-specialty approach. From neuropsychology to rehabilitation medicine, our entire multidisciplinary team works together to ensure the success of your child’s treatment.
  • Seamless care. With all of our movement disorder specialists under one roof, your child’s care is seamless. After the device implant procedure, your child receives ongoing care from pediatric neurology experts who specialize in his or her particular condition.
  • Research. Our internationally renowned experts lead ongoing studies toward expanding the use and effectiveness of deep brain stimulation. Many of our current efforts focus on helping cerebral palsy patients.

What conditions in children can be treated with deep brain stimulation?

What can I expect from deep brain stimulation?

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