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A boy sits at a table playing with colorful plastic chain link toys.

Preparing to Meet Kids' Developmental Needs Today and in the Future

Children's National experts in pediatric neurodevelopment, psychology and related disciplines guide participants in the LEND-CN Fellowship as they prepare to care for children throughout their careers.

A boy sits at a table playing with colorful plastic chain link toys.

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities Fellowship at Children’s National (LEND-CN) is a training program that develops the next generation of professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds that impact people with developmental disabilities (DD) including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). An overarching goal of our program is to strengthen public health systems by increasing the number of practitioners and policy makers with leadership skills necessary to deliver comprehensive, family-centered, community-based and culturally competent services to children with, or at risk for, DD and/or ASD and related disorders and their families.

We aim to:

  • Train and graduate diverse interdisciplinary professionals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to recognize, diagnose, intervene with, advocate on behalf of, and develop policies in support of children with DD and/or ASD, and/or special healthcare needs and their families
  • Advance knowledge and care of children and young adults with DD and/or ASD and their families
  • Provide high quality interdisciplinary education

In addition to knowledge and clinical skill development, key tenets of our program include:

  • Individualized training experiences
  • Cultural and linguistic competency
  • Leadership development
  • Commitment to diversity

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