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Students who are outstanding will go above and beyond what's expected; i.e., talk to you about literature they are reading, offer to call parents back, make diagnoses that are not straightforward, etc. When you evaluate students, provide clear descriptions of their performance. Give them feedback at the midpoint and frequently throughout the rotation, and discuss their final evaluation at the end of the rotation. We have materials to assist you with mid-rotation feedback and with evaluations provided later in this document.

Students can receive a grade of "Pass" with a corresponding number of 3; "High Pass" suggests better than average but not quite outstanding and gets a 4; and "Honors" is given a score of 5 is given to the most outstanding students. Grades below a Pass should be discuss with the Director in advance of giving them.  Your comments are essential in helping us understand the student’s performance. Please write meaningful statements that are descriptive and informative.

Please review the Expectations for Honors Level Clinical Performance document. It should help clarify the expectations for Honors level performance for the pediatrics medical student on the 3rd year clerkship, in order to better support consistent evaluation.