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One major research project is required for completion of the residency program.  A list of projects will be provided to the incoming residents during Orientation that will be updated each year by the Clinical Pharmacy Team.  Each resident will be encouraged to discuss the project proposal with prospective research mentors and declare the project choice by the end of the first month.

There are multiple milestones throughout the year in efforts to produce a final, complete manuscript by the end of the residency year.

Five project days will be provided to be used by the resident throughout the year to assist in completion of all major projects for the program.

Required Conferences

  • ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
  • Annual Pediatric Pharmacy Association Conference (PPA)
    • Residents are required to deliver a 10-minute platform presentation on their research project
  • A travel stipend and time outside of PTO will be provided for these required meetings