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"I love the small program within a large program feel of the primary care track - you get all the benefits of a small program (lots of personal attention) within a larger program (large tertiary care center with all subspecialties)."

“Early during my fourth year of residency I visited Children’s National and the residents kept talking up the Primary Care Track (even residents that weren’t a part of it!).  I’m so glad I decided to apply and interview- the interview day further explained this track’s advantages and ended up selling me on the experience!  I feel honored to be a part of this group. In my opinion, there’s no better general pediatrics training available out there."

"Foggy Bottom has become a family of sorts for me--I love all of the attendings and really love learning all of their different styles. Also, everyone cares so much about you not only in a professional development sense, but also on a personal level."