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First-year gastroenterology fellows will discuss their general area of interest in research with the program director and seek advice on which faculty members inside and outside of the division offer the best option for mentorship. Fellows will meet regularly with their research mentors and collaborate with them to present research concepts and a hypothesis-driven project to their Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) by the end of the first year of fellowship. 

During the second and third years, fellows will be required to meet regularly with their SOC for comprehensive oversight and assessment of their progress. The SOC will endorse fellow accomplishments for the American Board of Pediatrics and verify that the scholarly activity requirement has been met.

In addition, fellows may meet on an ad-hoc basis to discuss concerns about their progress, communicate resource needs, review important findings or prepare for important events (i.e. fellow's research presentation within the institution).

Sources of Funding

Fellows have guaranteed salary support during the second and third years, which allows for increased flexibility in seeking a project and mentor. Fellows are encouraged to select an interesting and meaningful project that will strengthen their foundation in academic medicine and support their professional goals. Current and past fellows have completed research training within Children's National, at the National Institutes of Health, Georgetown University Medical Center and our affiliate, Pediatric Specialists of Virginia. Children’s National offers several T32 training grant opportunities for which our fellows are eligible and of which GI fellows have been recipients. 

Additional Research

Fellows are expected to participate in ancillary research projects in addition to their scholarly work activity.

Fellows are highly encouraged to submit their work for international, national or local presentation. Annual educational stipends are available through both the division and Children's National GME office to support conference travel.