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Discover Our Learning Opportunities

Basic Science Series

Discuss core basic science principles that underlie the pathophysiology of critical care medicine.

Bell Rounds

Monthly meeting with the division chief, Michael Bell, M.D., to discuss unit practices and/or neurocritical care topics.

CCM Board Review

Monthly interactive sessions led by Kitman Wai, M.D., where fellows compete to correctly answer and explain board-review-type questions.

CCM Mathletics

Lead by Sonali Basu, M.D., and Greg Yurasek, M.D., this is a recurring interactive session where the fellows have the opportunity to review physiologic principles by responding to questions individually on a white board.

CCM Morbidity and Mortality

Review morbidity and Mortality Cases from the PICU and discuss best practices, standard of care and best evidence. Additionally, the conference focuses on 1-2 cases (selected by the M&M board of directors, comprised of fellows and faculty) to thoroughly evaluate from a quality & systems improvement perspective.

CCM Prof Rounds

Fellow chooses a particularly challenging case from their clinical time and pairs with a faculty advisor to present that case, identifying different areas where they can pose clinical questions to the faculty in the room. Faculty can share their knowledge and approach to similar situations.

Christi Rounds

Christi Corriveau, M.D., ME.d., leads this quarterly session discussing bedside and clinical management pearls.

CICU Book Club

Monthly chapter discussion led by Robyn Puente, M.D., that reviews lesion specific cardiac physiology and bedside application.

CICU Conference

Organized and led by John Berger, M.D., This conference is a twice monthly interactive conference for the critical care and cardiology fellows focuses on the pathophysiology encountered in the medical and surgical patients seen in the CICU.

Critical Communication Encounters

Led by Amy Wolfe, M.D., ME.d., this quarterly conference aims to educate our fellows in the area of end of life care and mastering challenging communication encounters including delivering bad news, conducting end of life discussions and addressing ethical dilemmas using a mix of simulation and didactic sessions.


Led by Vanessa Madrigal, M.D., head of the Ethics department at CNMC, fellows review ethical principles and discuss challenging ethical cases encountered in the ICU.

Fellow Rounds

A monthly fellow led session on wellness and prevention of burnout. Senior fellows share personal experience and/or invite speakers.

Health Equity

These quarterly sessions ensure critical care topics are discussed and approached from a health equity framework to ensure quality care is provided for all of our critically ill patients.

Journal Club

A monthly fellow led session directed at answering clinical based questions using recent literature. Fellows pair with a faculty advisor for each session.

Mega Simulation Curriculum

Led by Mekela Whyte-Nesfield, M.D., and Divya Gupta, M.D., this bi-monthly curriculum provides hands-on application of core critical care topics using multi-disciplinary team science.

Neuro-Critical Care Conference

This session brings together our ICU based neurology team and the critical care faculty and fellows to discuss cases and topics of interest.

PEM & PCCM Conference

Bi-monthly run conference where critical care and emergency medicine fellows collaborate to discuss common shared emergencies utilizing case review, literature review, video review and simulation. Faculty guide as mentors and moderators.

PICU Book Club

Monthly discussion of a chapter in a critical care text that utilizes adult learning theory to encourage conversation around advanced physiology topics.

Pollack Rounds

Murray Pollack, M.D., founding father of Critical Care Medicine, holds monthly discussions with fellows highlighting study design, research practice and critical analysis of literature.