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Over 15 years ago, Children’s National developed W@TCH (Women (Physicians and Scientists) @ Children’s Hospital) to help address the specific needs of women in academic medicine. Led by Naomi Luban, M.D., the program began as a series of informal lectures designed to address the challenges faced by women in medicine and academia.

With the assistance of junior faculty, this program has expanded to include a yearly “brown bag” seminar series with a formal W@TCH-related Grand Rounds which includes a half-day Career Development Workshop, and a growing organizing committee of junior faculty. W@TCH leaders have presented elements of the  curriculum and programming  at national workshops including at four Pediatric Academic Society Annual meetings.

Senior W@TCH  members, many of whom are division chiefs, also oversee selection of faculty members to attend some of the many different Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) programs supported by the CAO which include Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS) Professional Development Seminars for early and mid-level faculty and minorities.