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The Conway Chair Conversations at Children's National Hospital engage us in lively discussions and demonstrations about developing scientific ideas. Our topics include: how we develop ideas, issues that confront idea development, choices made about design and our methods. This series of research discussions will focus on the evolution of three ideas. Each month, our featured scholars will share progress about their respective development of an idea. Attendees can respond to the ideas and influence their development. Additionally during each monthly conversation, one social or political force that can influence science will be discussed.

For future conversation topics you would like to recommend please contact Pamela Hinds, R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N., or Eileen Engh.

Upcoming Discussions

Check back soon for our next upcoming Conway Chair Conversations.

Past Discussions




Professional Advancement Opportunity

The Nursing Clinical Advancement Program (Nursing CAP) at Children’s National is designed to support the nurse clinician’s professional advancement. The CAP program recognizes three levels of clinical advancement and achievement. Each level includes a research component, which can include participation in activities such as the Conway Chair Conversations.

The Nursing Research Passport introduces opportunities distinctively focused on the research component in the CAP portfolio. Children's National employees can learn more and claim their passport certificates on the passport website.