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headshot of Donna Anthony

Donna Anthony

Vice President, Chief of Staff

Donna Anthony

Donna Anthony is vice president and chief of staff at Children's National Hospital. Donna plays a critical role in the management of executive priorities as well as helping to facilitate progress on strategic and operational initiatives.

Donna joined The HSC Health Care System in 2017, overseeing The HSC Pediatric Center and HSC Home Care. In the past three years, she has helped lead the HSC integration with Children’s National. Donna has demonstrated the ability to lead effectively through change and to engage multiple stakeholders in decision-making.

Prior to joining HSC, Donna held several high-ranking positions, including chief of staff in the Office of Specialized Instruction for D.C. Public Schools, assistant superintendent of health and wellness for the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (Washington, D.C.) and special assistant for DC Health. Donna is currently a member of the DC Maternal Mortality Commission and the DC Maternal and Child Health Council. She received a B.A. in Emergency Health Services and an M.S. in Public Health, both from George Washington University.