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Episodic Associate Application

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Thank you for your interest in shadowing as an Episodic Associate at Children's National Hospital, an Equal Opportunity Employer (PDF).

This comprehensive non-employee training program offers individuals the opportunity to shadow or observe within departments at Children's National Hospital for a maximum of five (5) consecutive days per year. Individuals who do not meet this threshold will continue to follow the Visitor Management Process.

The Episodic experience allows individuals to shadow CNH employees up to five consecutive days. The program enables students to explore diverse career paths by developing transferable skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Participants learn to adapt to various environments and work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, skills that are valuable in any profession. Additionally, they are exposed to different healthcare career paths, which helps them make informed decisions about their future goals.

It is important to note that this assignment is unpaid, and participants are not eligible for Children's National Hospital benefits, unemployment benefits, or workers' compensation. The Episodic role type does not provide individuals with permission to conduct research or engage in hands-on activities.

Please note, if you wish to observe for more than five days, the full onboarding for the Special Category Program must be completed. 

Onboarding Requirements

Children’s National Hospital does not match place individuals for Episodic assignments. Individuals must have confirmed with a CNH employee first, before applying. Please include their name, department, and email address in your application, upon submission. Applicants must be 15 years of age, at the time of submission. Incomplete applications would not be considered for approval. 

1. Apply to the program.

2. Complete the Episodic Associate Confidentiality Liability and General Policy Commitment Form.

  • Submitted within five days of the first shadowing date. 
  • Forms cannot be signed or dated more than five days before the first shadowing date. 
  • Episodic Associates under age 18 must have written consent prior to signing the form. 

3. Complete an Acknowledgement of Risk Form (COVID-19)

4. Complete the HIPAA Acknowledgement.

5. Must submit proof of Identification (State-issued Photo ID card, Employment Authorization Document with a photo, State-Issued Driver’s License or ID, Passport, Passport card, Permanent resident card)

6. Proof of COVID-19 vaccine (or religious/medical waiver) 

7. Proof of Flu Vaccine (or religious/medical waiver)

  • Required only during Flu Season.
Apply to the Episodic Associate Program

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