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Special Category Associate Application

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If you have additional questions, please email us.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Special Category Associate Program at Children's National Hospital, an Equal Opportunity Employer (PDF).

In order to begin the Special Category application process, you must have confirmed with a Children's National staff member that they will serve as your supervisor while you assist, observe and/or shadow in their department.

Please follow these steps to start your onboarding:

  1. Read and sign the orientation packet (PDF) and confidentiality agreement (PDF).
  2. Fill out the in-take form (PDF). Once completed, please forward to your listed supervisor for processing.
  3. Complete the online safety quiz and error prevention training (answers can be found in the orientation packet).
  4. After your supervisor returns the in-take form and verification form, you will receive an email from Special Category within 30 days of your start date, providing two links. The first link will initiate your background check from Sterling background check company. The second link will initiate the drug testing (if applicable).
  5. Once you obtain the links, please send the following documents to Special Category:
    • Signed confidentially agreement
    • Online safety quiz and error prevention training certificate
    • Head shot photo (utilized for assignment profile and badge)
    • visa (If you are a Non-US citizen)
    • Certificate of Insurance/Liability coverage (if applicable)
  6. Once you have been processed and completed onboarding, Special Category will provide your formal clearance letter. This will house your assignment, badge form and parking information. In addition, on-site associates must meet Children’s Occupational Health Clearance Requirements. This clearance includes evidence of tuberculosis screening, MMR titer results or immunization record, Varicella titer results or immunization record, TDAP vaccine record, flu vaccine record and a health screening from a physician.

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