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Meet Dorothy Bulas, M.D.

Division of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology

Dorothy Bulas, M.D., works in Children’s National Division of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology. She is a pediatric radiologist with special interest in cross sectional imaging, particularly ultrasound. Children’s is one of the few centers nationally that provides combined fetal ultrasound and MR imaging.

Dr. Bulas says about her more than 20 years of working at Children’s, “The staff at Children's are wonderful – we all share the same mission of providing the best care for children. It is a pleasure working in an environment where the goal is to provide excellent, compassionate and cutting edge care.”

Dr. Bulas’s innovative work is just one example of the advanced diagnostic work that the team is doing in pediatric radiology, interventional, fetal, cardiac and neurological radiology. Our expert radiologists, technologists and nurses specialize in providing family-centered care to all age groups, always understanding that kids are not small adults. Radiology equipment and ancillary devices are adapted to handle all ages and sizes.