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We know surgery can be a stressful experience for your family, and Children’s National is dedicated to making this a smooth process for you. Our Center for Surgical Care is designed with a focus on family-centered care and allows your child to go through all the steps to prepare for surgery in one location. The center has private induction rooms, private and semi-private recovery bays, as well as a playroom. The recovery area is spacious and each bay provides families with comfort and privacy.

Before Surgery

Why do I have to wait until the night before surgery to find out the exact time of my child's surgery?

When should I be there?

May I request a private room for my child?

Day of Surgery

When I arrive at Children’s National, where do I go?

What do I do when I get to the Center for Surgical Care?

What happens when it is time for surgery?

Where can I get food and refreshments while my child is in surgery?

Where do I wait while my child is in surgery?

Why does my child have an intravenous catheter (IV)?

Why is my surgery delayed?

How long will my child’s surgery take?

What type of anesthesia will my child receive?

When will I get to see my child?

After Surgery

How will I know when my child’s surgery is complete?

What can I expect after surgery?

When will I be reunited with my child?

Will my child be in pain?

Will my child have to stay in the hospital after surgery?

If I have more questions, who should I call?

When should my child return for follow-up care?

Leaving the Hospital and Follow Up

What are the criteria for going home?

What can I expect when we get home?

What if I have questions?

What is the going home process?

When will my child be able to go home?