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At HSC, your child will be evaluated and a therapy plan developed that identifies goals based on your child's needs. We ask that you, or another guardian, participate in all therapy sessions to learn how to best meet these goals. 

Types of therapy plans:

Intensive Therapy (3-5 Visits Per Week)

Frequent Therapy (1-2 Visits Per Week or Every Other Week)

Periodic Therapy (1 Visit Per Month or Less)

Consultative Therapy (Scheduled As Needed)

Changing Or Ending Therapy

Commonly asked questions about our therapy programs:

How often and how long will my child have therapy?

Do I need to be present for my child’s therapy?

What do I need to bring to therapy?

What happens when therapy ends?

How do I pay for therapy services?

Child using assistive technology

How to Get Medical Services and Therapy

Learn how you can get Medical Services and Therapy at the HSC Pediatric Center.

Child using assistive technology