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Program Type: Inpatient

Palliative care is the care we provide to a child or young adult who is experiencing a life-limiting illness. We provide a supportive environment that focuses on better quality of life, family support, pain and symptom management, all while respecting your beliefs, values and priorities.

We provide palliative care together with The HSC Butterfly Team, a team of professionals who work together with the child, family and care team to make sure your child and family have the best quality of life possible during a very difficult time. We make every effort to provide a private and comfortable surrounding that is sensitive to your family.

We respect your wishes during the illness, and at the end of life, when death occurs. We are also here to support you during the grieving and mourning process.

Services We Provide

Benefits of Palliative Care

What Symptoms can be relieved through palliative care?

What is the Butterfly Team?

What services can the Butterfly Team provide?

The Mission of the Butterfly Team

Location and Contact

Child using assistive technology

How to Get Medical Services and Therapy

Learn how you can get Medical Services and Therapy at the HSC Pediatric Center.

Child using assistive technology