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About this Location

As part of an ongoing collaboration, National Rehabilitation Hospital offers an ideal setting for recovery for Children’s National Hospital patients. Independence Square® is designed to teach patients the skills needed for independent living in a simulated, "real world" community environment.

The National Center for Children’s Rehab treats children ages 3 and up. Care at NCCR is individualized to allow each patient to reach his or her own maximum level of growth and development. Treatment is specifically structured to reduce disability, prevent secondary complications and focus on therapy designed to enhance the potential for an active return to family, school and community.

This is an affiliate location.

National Center for Children’s Rehabilitation

Other Services & Information


Inpatient rehabilitation may include:

  • Aquatic therapy
  • Seating and mobility training
  • Evaluation for assistive technology
  • Self-care and home management training
  • Discharge planning for home, school and community re-entry

Insurance and Billing

This section will provide you with information about payment options, the billing process, accepted health plans, medical records and financial assistance.