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Pediatric Chest Wall Defects: Nuss and Ravitch Technique

Chest wall conditions are abnormalities in the chest area that a child is born with. At Children’s National Hospital, our team of pediatric specialists has vast experience performing these complex surgical procedures and always plans treatments that are appropriate for children’s still-developing bodies

About this Treatment

Chest Wall Defects Surgery at Children’s National: Why Choose Us

Surgery for Chest Wall Defects

Nuss Procedure for Chest Wall Defects

Ravitch Procedure for Chest Wall Defects

Recovery From Chest Wall Defects Surgery

General Surgery at Children's National Hospital

When your child needs surgery, Children's National is dedicated to providing quality care with experienced pediatric surgeons, advanced minimally invasive techniques and a child-friendly environment. Discover more about the treatment we offer.

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Providers of Chest Wall Defects: Nuss and Ravitch Technique

    Departments that Offer Chest Wall Defects: Nuss and Ravitch Technique

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    General and Thoracic Surgery

    The pediatric surgical experts at Children's National in Washington, D.C., provide advanced, comprehensive surgical care for infants, children and teenagers.

    Chest Wall Defects Program

    Although chest wall abnormalities are actually quite common in children, Children's National's team of pediatric specialists have the experience to accurately diagnose the condition and understand how treatment affects a child who is still growing.