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Pediatric Cancer Surgery

Surgery is one of the cornerstones of cancer treatments. The goal of surgical oncology is to physically remove as much of the tumor as safely possible. At Children’s National Hospital, our surgical oncologists have years of experience performing careful, precise surgery on children with a variety of cancers. 

Pediatric Cancer Surgery at Children’s National Hospital

Our pediatric surgeons perform a high volume of surgeries every year. This translates into a superior level of experience and expertise for our team. Features of our surgical oncology program include:

  • Advanced technology. We use the most sophisticated surgical technology, including intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Intraoperative MRI gives the surgical team detailed images of the procedure during the surgery itself. This way, we can ensure the success of the surgery before we finish.
  • Minimally invasive surgery. When appropriate, we can use a minimally invasive approach, leading to less pain and a shorter recovery. No matter what type of surgical approach we use, however, you can feel confident that our team has a high level of expertise and experience. We always have your child’s best outcome in mind.
  • Collaborative care. Our cancer surgeons don’t work in a vacuum. Your child’s entire team works together to manage his or her condition and discuss next treatment steps. For example, if your child is also undergoing chemotherapy, the medical oncologist and surgeon will coordinate care so your child receives the most comprehensive treatment possible.

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Surgery to Diagnose Cancer in Children

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Our oncology (cancer) team provides personalized treatment plans for children with cancer, including access to clinical trials.

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