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Urodynamics Testing

Urodynamics Bowel Cleanout Instructions

If your child has been scheduled for a urodynamics study, which assesses your bladder and urethra's ability to store and produce urine, it's very important that your child arrives to the test free of any constipation. Stool in the colon or rectum may not give you the best test results. 

Initial Management

If your child is already on a bowel program, make sure the program is being done daily for two days before the test. If your child is not on a bowel program, give your child an ex-lax chewable at bedtime nightly two days before your urodynamics test and a glycerin suppository or fleet enema the night before the test. The amount of ex-lax given is based on the chart below:

  • 2-5 years old— one chewable at bedtime for two days
  • 6-9 years old — two chewables at bedtime for two days
  • 10 years and older — three chewables at bedtime for two days

If your child can take pills, they may take 5 mg Dulcolax tablets instead of ex-lax.

  • 9 years old — one tablet
  • 10 years — two tablets 

If your child prefers liquid, they may take 8.8 mg/5 ml of senna.

  • 2-5 years old — 10 ml of senna
  • 6-9 years old — 20 ml of senna
  • 10 years and older — 30 ml of senna

The pediatric glycerin suppository or a fleet enema amount given the night before the test is based on the chart below:

  • Infant (1-12 months) — give one pediatric glycerin suppository
  • Children 2-4 years of age — give half (1/2) of 2.25 ounce of a pediatric fleet enema
  • Children 5-11 years of age — give one entire 2.25-ounce pediatric fleet enema
  • Children 12 years and older — give one entire 4.5-ounce enema


Refer your child if they are unable to complete the bowel cleanout or if they're not sure which bowel regimen to complete. if you have questions, concerns, or would like for us to assist your child in troubleshooting you may email our team.