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Children’s National receives Telehealth Accreditation from URAC

Children’s National Hospital has received Telehealth Accreditation from URAC for its commitment to promoting quality virtual health services for patients and families. Children’s National is the first pediatric hospital to receive this recognition.

New robot helps care for kids in the emergency department at Children's National Hospital

The robot, which is part of the FCC-funded COVID-19 Telehealth Program at Children’s National, is the latest innovation of the program that has rapidly evolved due to the ongoing pandemic.

Children's National Hospital jumps short-term telehealth hurdles while focused on long-term transformation

Clarence Williams, director of Telemedicine at Children's National Hospital, sat down with Healthcare IT News and covered how Children’s National navigated the pandemic's intense telehealth demands.

Telehealth team shares its pandemic response and discusses the future of telehealth

The telehealth team at Children’s National Hospital is featured in DataBank IMX’s latest Tech Talk podcast. They discuss how the organization scaled up and managed the telehealth program through the early and mid phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the future of telehealth.

Using telehealth to revolutionize the speed of making rare disease diagnoses

Marshall Summar, M.D., former director of the Rare Disease Institute at Children's National Hospital, discussed the hospital's telehealth program and its telegenetic consultation pilot program with Microsoft.

Taskforce on Telehealth Policy begins critical conversations

Twenty-three of the nation’s leading healthcare experts gathered virtually recently, marking the first of several Taskforce on Telehealth Policy deliberations set to run through late August.

FCC awards Children’s National Hospital $928K to create regional pediatric telehealth consortium in response to COVID-19

Children’s National Hospital is establishing a regional pediatric telehealth consortium in response to coronavirus with $928,000 in funding awarded by the Federal Communications Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau. 

Benefits of scheduling a telehealth appointment

As the coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily routines, including scheduled checkups and sick visits, Rachel Selekman, M.D., discusses the benefits of using telehealth services during COVID-19.

Children's National partners with Sabará Hospital Infantil

A new partnership with Sabará Hospital Infantil in São Paulo, Brazil, will enable patients there to have access to Children's National Hospital pediatric cardiac intensive care specialists and consultations via telehealth. The first international telehealth offering from Children's National for pediatric cardiac care will include teleconference-based training for Sabará nursing staff and second opinions through medical teleconsultations with specialists in all areas of pediatric cardiology, based on each patient's individual needs.

Telehealth follow-ups aid communication between patients, physicians

A small-scale study led by Children's National Cardiologist Ashraf Harahsheh, M.D., found that following up with heart patients in virtual visits helped facilitate communication between patients, families and care teams, leading to healthier outcomes. 

Whittle School & Studios launches collaboration with Children's National

A Washington, D.C., school is collaborating with Children's National to provide health services to students, including utilizing secure video-conferencing to connect students with physicians at Children's when necessary.

How telemedicine has become the new 'home visit' for Children's National genetics patients

Natasha Shur, M.D., a clinical geneticist at Children's National Hospital, is spearheading a new telemedicine program for pediatric patients who have genetic or rare conditions. Since its launch in January 2019, between 50 and 60 parents or caregivers have tested out the pilot program. The telemedicine technology allows patients to connect with their Children's National provider by audio and video, rather than in-person.

dr. atabaki and monique sitting at a table in front microphones

Announcing Dr. Bear Bot's arrival in the cardiac intensive care unit

After a three-month voting period, the name of the new telemedicine robot in the Cardiac ICU was revealed in a special Valentine's Day announcement at Seacrest Studios at Children's National. Dr. Bear Bot delivered Valentine cards to doctors and patients after the announcement. 

Ricardo Muñoz

Ricardo Muñoz, M.D., named Chief of Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, Executive Director of Telemedicine and Co-Director of Heart Institute

Before joining Children's National, Ricardo Muñoz, M.D., pioneered telemedicine for pediatric critical care, providing nearly 4,000 consultations globally, while at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. David Wessel, M.D., executive vice president and chief medical officer of Hospital and Specialty Services, says Muñoz "will undoubtedly provide a huge benefit to our patients and their families along with our cardiac critical care and telemedicine teams.”

Three ways to bring safe surgery to kids in remote regions

At a gathering of pediatric surgeons in Washington, D.C., Children's National President and CEO Kurt Newman, M.D., spoke about how first-world technologies such as telemedicine and remote robotics are bringing specialized care to lower-resourced communities.

Virtual Visits: A new house call for rare disease treatment

Natasha Shur, M.D., a medical geneticist at Children’s National, simplified the process for families to get care from their healthcare providers by using virtual visits, including one young patient who had challenges with in-person visits. The change has made medical care easier for patients and families.

A boy sits on a couch with a guitar in his lap as he tests his own blood sugar level.

Using text messages and telemedicine to improve diabetes self-management

Thanks to a $1.6 million grant from the American Diabetes Association, Children's National Psychologist and Diabetes Educator Maureen Monaghan, Ph.D., C.D.E., is evaluating an innovative behavioral intervention that includes telemedicine and text messaging to help young adults attend to their diabetes care.

Taking telemedicine to heart

Craig Sable, M.D.and Andrea Z. Beaton, M.D., used telemedicine to provide follow-ups for patients with rheumatic heart disease (RHD), working in Africa and then expanding the project to Brazil, where poverty and overcrowding has contributed to RHD.

Diabetes telemedicine program launches study survey and retrospective chart review

Children's National pediatric diabetes program evaluated how successful its telemedicine program was with a six-month survey and retrospective chart review. They examined caregiver satisfaction and patient quality of life.

Picture imperfect: Eliminating asthma triggers through smartphones

Learn about a $10 million Fannie Mae grant that's funding a Children's National pilot program that uses smartphones to enable virtual home visits to identify potential housing asthma triggers.

A rare prescription: Providing children with palliative care

Several families who faced end-of-life decisions for their children utilized virtual visits to discuss basic palliative care needs and a highly-individualized advance care plan with specialists at Children's National.