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Healthcare Provider Handing a Inhaler to a Boy.

IMPACT DC Asthma Clinic

IMPACT DC's Healthy Housing Map

Healthcare Provider Handing a Inhaler to a Boy.

In 2022, IMPACT DC collaborated with the Child Health Advocacy Institute at Children’s National, Children’s Law Center, and Yachad (a D.C.-based home remediation organization) to develop an interactive Healthy Housing Map. This map identifies multi-family buildings in Washington, D.C., that display both high rates of asthma-related pediatric emergency department visits and unhealthy housing conditions that contribute to asthma severity.

This “precision public health tool” enables us to identify where substandard housing is impacting the health and welfare of children living with asthma. The map uses data from Children’s National, Children’s Law Center, the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and other public agencies. 

For more information about the mapping tool, please view the User Guide and Map Methodology and Technical Documentation.

Healthy Housing Map Limitations

Privately-owned housing that is not subsidized is underrepresented on the map.

Housing conditions data reflect the data available.

Smaller buildings may be underrepresented when filtering for buildings with asthma patients.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the map, please email Clinical Research Manager Nikita Kachroo.