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If your child needs to stay overnight at Children’s National, they may be cared for by a pediatric hospitalist.  Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who specialize in the care of hospitalized newborns, children and adolescents.

Our Providers

Our pediatric specialists provide personalized care for your child’s physical, mental and emotional health needs.

Vision and Mission

The mission of the Children’s National Hospital Medicine Division is to provide the best care for hospitalized children by:    

  • Delivering outstanding, high-value patient and family-centered clinical care for infants, children, and adolescents
  • Advocating for all children to have access to high quality, safe, equitable and inclusive care at the regional, national, and international levels
  • Enhancing the diversity, education, professional growth and wellness of Division members, colleagues, and trainees 
  • Promoting interprofessional collaboration, intellectual curiosity, innovation and transformative research advances 

Our vision is to lead the nation in pediatric hospital medicine through excellence and equity in clinical care, scholarship, medical education and advocacy.

A Continuum of Care

Pediatric hospitalists work closely with your pediatrician and other members of your care team to make sure your child receives well-coordinated, compassionate care while they are in the hospital. Because hospitalists can continuously re-evaluate your child’s condition, they are able to quickly follow-up on any complications, ensuring timely testing, treatment and discharge.

One of the primary goals for the division is to improve patient care systems within the hospital. We strive to  develop and implement pathways and lead initiatives to streamline the admission and discharge processes. Hospitalists also communicate back to your pediatrician or referring physician and work to assist your child as they transition home.

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship

Established in 2003, the overarching mission of the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship at Children’s National Hospital is to develop the next generation of academic leaders in the field of pediatric hospital medicine.

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