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In the Electrophysiology Program at Children’s National, we understand that families have many questions about their child’s condition and care. In addition to any resources your provider may give you, our online resources can also support your ongoing treatment journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child participate in regular, daily activities with a pacemaker or ICD?

Can you have a normal life with a pacemaker or ICD?

How can I ensure that my child's pacemaker/ICD is working properly?

How do I perform a telephonic or web-based check-up for my child's pacemaker or ICD?

Pacemaker/ICD Precautions

Your child should wear a medical identification bracelet or necklace to let others know about the pacemaker or ICD in case of emergency. When he/she is old enough to have a wallet, it is a good idea to carry an ID card that states he/she has a pacemaker or ICD.

Objects That Interfere

Situations That Interfere

Procedures That Interfere