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At Children’s National, we understand that families have many questions about their child’s condition and care. In addition to any resources your provider may give you, our online resources can also support your ongoing treatment journey.

    The Department of Dentistry at Children’s National Hospital serves the following individuals:

    • Children with special needs
    • Medically compromised patients
    • Patients under eight years old

    We do not provide routine dental care for healthy patients over the age of eight who can be seen by dentists in the community.

    Children's National is working to improve community access to routine oral care. Our community dental health coordinator meets with patients and families at our primary care locations to teach about oral health care and connect them with a dentist. View this map (PDF) to see dentists in the community that accept Medicaid and commercial insurance options. For more information, please reach out to their offices.

    Dental Offices in the Community


    Washington, D.C.