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A Malone appendicostomy is a surgery which creates a channel from the belly button to the right side of the colon using the appendix. This channel also has a one-way valve that will allow a catheter to go in but no fluids or leakage to come out. By using the patient’s own appendix we can avoid the use of artificial devices which can be seen and can cause irritation. After the creation of the appendicostomy, since the opening is hidden in the belly button, no one except for the patient, family and doctor know it is there. The child can participate in all activities including swimming.

At the end of the operation there will be a device called a Mini Ace that is left in the channel coming from the belly button. This device has an extension tube that is attached each time you want to give your child’s flush. On rare occasions we may use a different tube called a Foley catheter.

View Malone appendicostomy handout (PDF)

About the Mini Ace

What are the key things to know about a Mini Ace?

When should I contact the Children's National colorectal team?

Performing a Malone Flush

What supplies are needed for a malone flush?

How can I set up to do a malone flush?

How do I administer a flush?

What should I remember when doing a flush?

Contact Information 

If you have any questions about your child’s regimen, please email the Colorectal Clinical Team or contact us at 202-476-COLO (2656).