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Cellular Therapy Program

Cellular Therapy Clinical Trials


Cellular Therapy Clinical Trials

For questions about cellular therapy clinical trials, please email us or call 202-476-5456.

T Cell Therapy Opposing Novel Coronavirus Infection in Immunocompromised Patients (TONI)

Phase I Research Study Utilizing Allogeneic Multi Tumor-Associated Antigen-Specific T lymphocytes to Advance the Care of Patients with High-Risk Solid Tumors (ATTACK)

Adoptive T Lymphocyte Administration for Chronic Norovirus Treatment in Immunocompromised Hosts (ATLANTIC)

Adoptive Cord Blood Immunotherapy using Expanded Cord Blood T cells for EBV, CMV, BKV and Adenovirus Reactivation/Infection or Prophylaxis (CHEERS)

Prospective phase I Research of Expanded multi-antigen Specifically Oriented Lymphocytes for the treatment of Very high risk Hematopoietic Malignancies (RESOLVE)

Phase I Research on Multi-antigen T cell Infusion against Neuro-oncologic Disease (ReMIND)

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Delivery through Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery (MeDCaP)

A Phase 1 Feasibility and Safety Study of Dual Specificity CD19 and CD22 CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy for CD19+CD22+ Leukemia (PLAT-05)

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For questions about cellular therapy clinical trials, please email us or call 202-476-5456.

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Open Phase 1 and 2 Cancer Clinical Trials

We offer your child access to novel cancer clinical trials, some of which are only available at Children’s National. Rest assured that your child will receive expert care by our team of doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff.

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Open Blood and Marrow Transplant Studies

Through our clinical trials, your child has access to advanced technology, the newest drugs and other innovative treatments that may help where traditional options fail.