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We encourage your child to attend school whenever medically possible. To participate in everyday activities reinforces a child’s sense of hope, belonging and accomplishment, as well as a return to a more normal life. It is important to set up home and hospital instruction when your child will be absent for long periods of time due to a hospitalization or because of their treatment schedule. A teacher can work with your child when he or she is unable to attend school.

This process can take time, so the sooner you are able to complete the forms, the quicker the school district will be able to provide support. Even if it seems like it will take time before your child can complete schoolwork, it is important to start this paperwork early, so that the services are in place when your child is ready.

Home and hospital instructors typically visit with a student for three to six hours per week (this is different for each school district), so it’s important that you encourage your child to set aside time daily, if possible, to complete schoolwork.

Steps for Receiving Home and Hospital Instruction (HHI)

  1. Is your child eligible? Contact your child’s school district, school counselor or the home and hospital instruction coordinator early. Each school district has different requirements for when instruction can begin. You can still complete the paperwork before the eligibility date – some school districts will start services early.
  2. The HHI forms can typically be found on your school district’s website. You may need to contact the school counselor or the home and hospital instruction coordinator for the forms. If you need to print copies, there are computers and printers at Children’s National. These forms also need to be signed by a physician, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist.
  3. Follow up by contacting the home and hospital coordinator or the school’s administrator. Check that they received the paperwork and to find out when the teacher will begin instructing your child.
  4. The home and hospital instructor can meet with your child at your home or at the hospital.

If the school district needs more information from the hospital or if you are having trouble getting set up with a home and hospital instructor, please contact the social worker or education specialist.