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Smiling boy patient sitting on a chair in hospital room with medical equipment

Blood Donor Ambassador Program

Smiling boy patient sitting on a chair in hospital room with medical equipment

The Blood Donor Ambassador Program at Children’s National Hospital was created to meet the growing need for blood donations for children with sickle cell disease.

Many of our sickle cell patients rely on monthly blood transfusions to treat anemia, prevent stroke and ease symptoms so they can lead longer and healthier lives. When it comes to finding donors for our patients, we want to ensure that every child has access to the most precisely matched blood.

Because the majority of sickle cell patients are African American, our goal is to recruit new African American donors and raise awareness about sickle cell disease in diverse communities.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Blood Donor Ambassador, please call 202-476-5437 or contact Blood Donor Center recruiters Janie Parrott or Sonya McConnell.

Your Role as a Blood Donor Ambassador

Blood donors from the same ethnic background offer the closest possible genetic match for blood transfusions, leading to fewer complications for patients. As a Blood Donor Ambassador, you’ll have a rewarding experience encouraging people in your community to come into the hospital and donate blood to provide a lifesaving treatment for more than 1,000 sickle cell patients each year.

Children’s National is home to the only dedicated Blood Ambassador Program in the Washington, D.C., area, in which we give our Ambassadors tools and resources to effectively recruit new donors.

Your responsibilities as an Ambassador include:

  • Sharing your personal story. Help others understand the importance of donating blood to patients and their families so they feel empowered to make an impact. Some of our sickle cell patients need one to ten units of blood per month.
  • Explaining the blood donation process: Hand out informational pamphlets along with your personalized Ambassador business cards to potential donors so their questions are answered thoroughly.
  • Encouraging people to take action. Warmly greet people in your community and assist with setting up appointments at Children’s National.
  • Hosting a blood drive. Hit the road in our Bloodmobile (PDF) to reach donors at local schools, places of employment, organizations and places of worship. To host a blood drive, call 202-476-5437 or email us (at [email protected] or [email protected]).

Blood Donor Ambassador Training Video

Watch the Children’s National Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program team explain the process and importance of blood donation for sickle cell patients and their families. Screen reader support enabled.

Woman donating blood

Visiting the Blood Donor Center

Interested in becoming a Blood Donor Ambassador? Stop by to sign up! The Blood Donor Center is located on the 2nd floor of the main hospital next to the cafeteria.

Woman donating blood