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Children’s National Hospital encourages practices to use Direct Messaging to send referrals to our specialty care providers. From your electronic health record (EHR), send all referrals to our centralized Direct referral address.

Using Direct to send a referral and related protected health information (PHI) allows for more efficient appointment scheduling, stronger integration of care and enhanced security of patient information.

Using Direct to send a referral ensures that our specialists receive the provider-to-provider notes you have documented in your EHR for the referral, and a Summary of Care Record (CCD) for your patient. Direct Messaging can be used with all of your care partners.

Direct not only streamlines the referral process, it also allows practices to easily upload patient information into their EHR and can reduce repeating labs and tests.

Unfamiliar with Direct Messaging?

Direct Messaging functions similarly to secure email. From within your EHR, your practice can securely exchange patient information with your care partners, regardless of which EHR they use.

Patient information that can be sent and received by Children’s National includes Transition of Care Documents (CCDs), PDFs, documents, referrals, labs and growth charts.

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For assistance with implementing Direct, training and troubleshooting, send a message to us.


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