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Program Description and Evaluation

The 12-month Pediatric Nurse Residency Program, also known as our Transition to Practice Program (TPP), is designed to provide the nurse resident with an opportunity to transition into the role of a professional nurse under the guidance and support of our clinical nursing staff, nurse educators and program facilitators.

The program includes a Human Resources orientation, a Unit-Based orientation, and acute and critical care tracks.

The acute and critical care tracks include curricula designed to augment the learning experience for the nurse resident through professional development and to achieve the overall goals of the program. The acute care track includes nurse residents from inpatient acute care, radiology, psychiatry and peri-operative services. The critical care track includes nurse residents from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department (at Sheikh Zayed Campus and United Medical Center).

Learn more about orientations and phases of the tracks below.


What are the required Human Resources orientations?

What does the Unit-Based orientation consist of?

Acute and Critical Care Tracks

What are the phases of the acute and critical care tracks?

What are the phases of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) residency track?