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Our two-year Urology Fellowship offers a broad, inclusive year of clinical training and a full year of dedicated research with the goal of producing well-trained pediatric urologists.

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How to Apply

In order to apply for the Urology Fellowship, the documents that you must submit for a complete application, include:

  • Universal Application Form (downloaded from the Society for Pediatric Urology Website)
  • A photograph (which should be included in the body of the application)
  • Three letters of recommendation (mailed or emailed as PDFs to our fellowship coordinator, Fabiola Duverne)

Interview Schedule

Interview days provide the applicants with an opportunity to not only interview with most of the faculty, but to also see how our department functions during a regular day.  All interviews are conducted on Tuesdays, and during the hospital tour you are likely to observe one of the faculty in the OR, or the clinic. Our weekly radiology conference at the end of the day is where challenging cases are presented for discussion by the entire faculty. Most applicants arrive to Washington, D.C. on Monday and leave on Wednesday. Candidates are welcome to come for second look visits, but they are not expected.

Important Dates

Typical Interview Day Schedule

Hotel Arrangements


Contact Information

For more information about the Urology Fellowship, please contact:

Daniel Casella, M.D.
Fellowship Director
Phone: 202-476-4681
Fax: 202-476-4739
Email: [email protected]

Fabiola Duverne
Fellowship Coordinator 
Phone: 202-476-3696
Email: [email protected]