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Prenatal and Neonatal Fellowship

This training track is designed for candidates who plan to pursue an academic career in prenatal medicine, and who have a goal of establishing independently funded research careers.

The fellow will be immersed in clinical prenatal medicine with a specific focus on the developing brain. The fellow will receive training in state-of-the-art prenatal diagnostic techniques including prenatal ultrasound and MRI, as well as bedside training in the evaluation and management of infants undergoing complicated transition from the prenatal environment.

The one-year fellowship track will focus on this in-depth clinical experience. In addition to the above clinical training, the two-year clinical-research fellowship track will include intensive training in basic research methodology and the application and interpretation of specialized prenatal MRI diagnostic, neuromonitoring and research tools. The trainee will then develop a research protocol with oversight and support from a dedicated mentor.

In the second year of fellowship, the fellow will focus primarily on her/his research study, publications and developing the platform for grant applications that lead to an independent research career.

How to Apply

Interested in prenatal and transitional medicine? Apply to our fellowship.

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Faculty and Staff

Meet our dedicated faculty and staff.


In this fellowship program, trainees develop the expertise and special diagnostic skills needed for rigorous study of the mechanisms and manifestations of disorders in the fetus and newborn, as well as of the responses to such injury and its long-term outcome.


Learn more about our research activities, which will be conducted under the close supervision of the fellowship participant's supervisor, the program director and the Clinical Research Program.

Prenatal Neurology Fellowship Overview

Sarah Mulkey, M.D., director of the prenatal-neonatal neurology department at Children's National, gives an overview of the Prenatal Neurology Fellowship program during this webinar.