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We have an Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (APT) Committee that works with George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences on issues of academic title. New faculty members need to initiate their application for an initial academic appointment within 30 days of returning their offer letter online through our “Faculty Affairs” website. 

Your offer letter specifies the academic rank and track that your new division chief has negotiated with the Chair of Pediatrics during your hiring process. 

GW has four tracks for new faculty members at Children’s National Hospital:

  • Tenure track: for research-intensive faculty members who anticipate being largely supported by grants
  • Non-tenure track: the most widely used track for faculty members pursing a balance between clinical activities and academic pursuits including research, education, advocacy and quality and safety
  • Research track: for faculty members typically joining a research center in the Children’s National Research Institute who will play important supportive roles but who will generally not be running their own labs or applying for major research grants
  • Clinical track: for faculty members with a primary clinical focus who will nonetheless participate in academic pursuits

Eligibility for GW Tuition Benefits: Faculty members in the tenure, non-tenure and research tracks are eligible for GW tuition remission benefits. Faculty members in the clinical track are not eligible for these benefits.

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