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Collaboration Opportunities

Discover more about our partnerships in pediatric healthcare innovation and learn how you can collaborate with our team.

The Innovations team is comprised of talented software engineers, solution and test designers, solution strategists and a data scientist. The Innovations team works on solutions from thought stage to completion, and uses their unique skill sets to bring to life valuable healthcare solutions. Some of their expertise includes experience with:

  • Web-based and mobile application development
  • Prototyping
  • Proof of concept
  • Electronic medical records services
  • Population health analytics
  • Data science
  • Business case development

Our Purpose

In collaboration with the nationally recognized clinicians and researchers from Children’s National Hospital and Cerner, the world-leading healthcare technology company, the Bear Institute delivers digital healthcare technology innovations that are focused on improving health outcomes, quality of care and experience for the pediatric population, their families and the supporting clinical staff.

Looking into the Future

Optimal and equitable health outcomes for all children realized through enhanced clinical practices enabled by IT innovation as a key driver in learning, validating and delivering value quickly to our patients, families and care givers.