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Individualized Education Workshop: An Overview of the Special Education Process

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Date: September 20, 2018

CASD Community Workshop Series

Individualized Education: An Overview of the Special Education Process

Are you new to the special education process? Has your child received special education services for many years and yet you are still confused? This workshop will provide an overview of the special education process and how to navigate through the process for your child with an autism spectrum disorder.

CASD’s Social Worker, Allysa Ware, MSW, LSGW and Community Outreach Coordinator, Yetta Myrick, both mothers of autistic teenagers, work to link families with resources and services. They work together to provide the best possible care for autistic youth, and facilitate research participation among interested families. 

This workshop is free and open to parents, family members and professionals. Registration is required: Please contact Yetta Myrick via email or 301-765-5488.

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