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Disney’s Programs Overview

How Disney Helps Reimagine the Patient Experience in Children’s Hospitals

Disney delivers comfort and inspiration to families with children facing serious illness by reimagining the patient and family experience in children’s hospitals. This program comes to life by providing patients and families with special opportunities for shared experiences, exploration and play.

Teams across Disney, including their world-renowned Walt Disney Imagineers, worked with a global network of experts to identify unique experiences Disney could provide to ease the fear and anxiety of a hospital stay.

Disney's efforts include:

  • Transforming hospital spaces with imaginative installations like interactive murals, digital displays and play spaces
  • Creating personalized moments by delivering Disney-themed Starlight Hospital Wear, care packages and products
  • Creating new memories by providing complimentary access to Disney+ and special screenings of newly released movies

Starlight Children’s Foundation Programs

All programs listed are available based on Starlight and Disney availability and may not always be accessible to patients, families and visitors.
Disney Deliveries icon

Disney Deliveries

Packages of toys, books, games, movies and more from across the Disney family of brands bring patients moments of delight, and a sense of the familiar during their hospital stays. Delivered by Starlight Children’s Foundation, bundles come in varying sizes and are available throughout the year.

Disney Character-Themed Starlight Hospital Wear icon

Character-Themed Starlight Hospital Wear

Children’s hospital wear is reimagined with familiar characters and designs from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Frozen, Mickey & Friends, ESPN and Disney Princesses, providing patients with their choice of fun and comfy clothing to wear during their hospital stay. All designs are part of Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Hospital Wear program.

Disney Care Packages icon

Care Packages

Disney care packages, delivered by Starlight Children’s Foundation, are filled with fun activities and keepsakes such as journals, playing cards, and room decals, helping children brighten and personalize their hospital rooms.

Disney Movie Moments icon

Disney Movie Moments

Special screenings of newly released Disney movies offer opportunities for families to create happy memories, even at the hospital.

Disney Movie Moments icon


Child Life professionals can share the stories on Disney+ with children as a way to ease the anxiety of a hospital experience.

Disney Magic Windows icon

Magic Windows

Magical windows offer patients and their families mesmerizing views into beloved stories from the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

Disney Magic Art icon

Magic Art

Delightful digital screens spark to life with favorite characters that deliver fun, animated and inspirational messages to patients in English and Spanish.

Disney Interactive Murals icon

Interactive Murals

Visually stunning wall art draws children into the vibrant worlds of Disney’s storytelling. Augmented reality content can be unlocked with the Disney Team of Heroes app for a fully immersive experience.

Disney Mobile Movie Theater icon

Disney Mobile Movie Theater

Inspired by the cinema on Main Street, USA at Disneyland Resort, the mobile movie theater offers patients and their families a place to gather, create memories and watch complimentary Disney movies.

Disney Play Spaces icon

Play Spaces

Free from technology and designed for kids of all ages and abilities, these imaginative and inviting spaces are designed around favorite Disney themes to encourage free play and social interaction.

Disney Team of Heroes app icon

Disney Team of Heroes App

Available in English and Spanish, the Disney Team of Heroes app is loaded with games, interactive tales, animated character encounters, augmented reality and more — transforming hospital waiting times into moments filled with imagination and fun.