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Urodynamics Testing

Contact number | 202-476-5042

Urodynamics is a set of tests used to measure how your child's bladder functions, including how it fills, squeezes, opens and empties. Urodynamics can also diagnose problems such as bladder overactivity or a small-sized bladder. The body structures involved include the bladder, as well as the urethra and the muscles of the pelvic floor. 

If your child's bladder has problems with storing or emptying urine, this may cause urinary wetting, difficulty potty training or an inability to pee completely. Severe bladder dysfunction can cause repeated urinary tract infections, damage to your child’s bladder and/or damage to your child’s kidneys. Sometimes poor bladder function can only be seen by performing urodynamics studies (or tests). 

Your child's healthcare providers will use information gained from urodynamics to create a plan for your child. In some cases, he or she may need medication(s), regular bladder catheterization (“CIC”) and/or surgery to protect the bladder and kidneys.

Conditions for Urodynamics

Types of Tests

Urodynamics at Children's National

Contact Information

For routine questions about the study, call 202-476-5042 and ask to speak with the nurse or nurse practitioner.

To let us know that you are late or cannot come on your scheduled testing date, call 202-476-2162.

Urodynamics Testing Team