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For Our Colleagues

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At Children’s National Hospital, we’re committed to providing safe, quality healthcare for every patient at every visit. When it comes to quality and safety, the work never stops. We are dedicated to pushing one another to continuously improve, to tackle the most difficult challenges, and to share our learning with others.

We rely on a team approach and strive to create a culture of openness and honesty that encourages all employees, no matter their role, to speak up and do what is right, not just what is required. We understand that these measures are integral to delivering the highest level of care and helping each of our patients to grow up stronger.

Collaborative Groups

Children’s National participates in several collaboratives that aim to reduce harm.

Children's Hospital Association logo

Children’s Hospital Association

The Children's Hospital Assoiation (CHA) works on advancement of child health through innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care. CHA focuses its collective efforts in areas of greatest impact and aggregated strength: policy, quality and safety best practices, and analytics to inform decision-making of clinicians, policy-makers, payers and providers. Children’s National participates in the Improving Pediatric Sepsis Collaborative and the Patient Safety Organization through CHA.

Children's Hospital's Solutions for Patient Safety logo

Solutions for Patient Safety

Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) is a network of 135+ children’s hospitals who share the vision that no child will ever experience serious harm while we are trying to heal them. This is an all-teach, all-learn collaborative where we share our safety successes and failures and achieve goals of reducing harm faster. Children’s National participates with other hospitals to reduce hospital-acquired conditions.

Quality Improvement Work

Are you a colleague from another hospital who wants to understand some of our best practices? Contact us to learn more.