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Meet Patricia Powell

Clinical Nurse Manager

Patricia Powell, R.N., presents her days as a clinical nurse manager with clarity and structure, even if the nature of her job as a clinical worker in a pandemic can be interpreted as fast-changing in nature. “I usually start my day with my own Covid Daily Screening Questionnaire and also review the results of my team,” Patricia says.

From there, Patricia reviews staff and room assignments, monitors vaccine supplies and ensures the staff at Children’s National Anacostia are scheduled correctly. Throughout her shift, Patricia monitors the center to ensure patients and families are getting the best comprehensive care. Sometimes her work involves de-escalating, both over the phone and in the center, as well as reviewing safety events.

Patricia has been a nurse at Children’s National for 21 years: the first eight years in ambulatory care at Sheikh Zayed Campus, then she spent time on the Dr. Bear Mobile Unit before moving to Children’s National Anacostia 12 years ago. She has served the Southeast, Washington, D.C., area ever since.

“I find it enriching that I’m a part of a team that improves the health outcomes of families that live in Southeast, Washington D.C., especially for preventative care,” she says. “A lot of people may assume we are only providing medical care when they think of Children’s National Anacostia, but we have a holistic approach to serving our patients. We see our care as wraparound services from offering legal aid to psychiatry and Asthma Impact specialty care.”

One of Patricia’s most rewarding experiences was being recognized for the clinics’ work in improving childhood vaccination rates in the communities she serves. “Our efforts in ensuring that some of the most important components of preventative care, vaccines, were shown in data reviewed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” Patricia says. “Children’s National Anacostia’s approach to care fosters a sense of trust in families and it’s essential to incorporate families into the care of children.”

Patricia got into nursing because she enjoys helping others, and advises aspiring nurses, especially nurses that want to focus on pediatrics, that they need to have a lot of patience. “Kids make you patient,” she says with a smile. “When working with kids, especially in a clinical setting, you have to meet them on their terms. Children’s National is where kids get extraordinary care. It’s heartwarming and rewarding to be on this team.”

Thank you, Patricia, for providing compassionate, comprehensive care for each patient’s needs!