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CNPA Insurance and Billing

At Children’s National primary care, we work to ensure that there are no barriers to your child receiving the best care. To support you and your child’s needs, Children’s National Pediatricians & Associates (CNPA) accepts Medicaid and many private health insurance plans. We also offer a variety of payment options.


If your insurance plan requires you to pay a co-payment at the time of your appointment, payment is required prior to services rendered.


If you have any billing questions, you may contact us.

Payment Options

    Pay Your Bill Online

    You can pay your bill online through our fast and easy-to-use system.

    Understanding Your Bill and Co-Pays

    Our goal is to deliver the very best care to your child and family – comprehensive, convenient and fairly priced. Please note: 

    • Co-pays are not required for most preventive care services (or care provided to Medicaid enrolled children).*
    • For the convenience of children and families and when schedules permit, we try to address any extra concerns about a child's health or behavior during your child's "check-up" office visit.
    • In this situation, as per guidelines developed by the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, we will bill for the added office visit time. 
    • Some insurance companies are now asking that we collect a co-payment when we address extra concerns in addition to the check-up visit. If a co-pay is required, please address any billing questions to your insurance carrier.
    • If it is more convenient, we can schedule a separate appointment to address additional health concerns.

    *Children's preventive services, such as well-child check-ups and immunizations, may or may not be covered without cost sharing. Carefully review your plan's benefit details. The best time to review benefits is before you sign up for it.

    Insurance Plans

    Accepted Plans: Commercial Insurance Plans

    Accepted Plans: Medicaid/Managed Care Insurance Plans

    Unaccepted Plans