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Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology)

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Expert Care for Complex Cases

We have an entire team of specialists that are dedicated to treating children with ear, nose and throat disorders.

Meet the team

At Children’s National Hospital, our team of expert ear, nose, and throat specialists (called ENTs, or otolaryngologists) has a high level of experience and expertise in treating pediatric ENT disorders.

We are international leaders in the field of otolaryngology and a local, national, and international referral center for children with ear, nose, and throat disorders. Our team combines clinical excellence in a compassionate, child-friendly environment. 

Pediatric ENT 

At Children’s National, we provide the full range of ENT services. Our team of experts is with you from your child’s initial evaluation through treatment and follow-up care. We take time to explain procedures to you in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Features of our ENT services include:

  • Full spectrum of services. From the basic to the most complex, our team provides every aspect of ENT care. Whether we are managing chronic ear infections or performing advanced procedures to treat hearing loss, we have the resources and skills to give children the care they need.
  • Reputation. Our team includes internationally recognized experts. Due to our experience and high volume, we are a referral center locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Pediatric specialists. Our ENT surgeons are fellowship-trained in pediatric otolaryngology, the highest level of training available. In addition to our surgical expertise, we are also the only center in the region to guarantee 24/7 access to a pediatric anesthesiologist to care for all of your child’s sedation and pain management needs. We have attained Level 1 Surgery Verification from the American College of Surgeons, a distinction that recognizes surgery centers that have improved surgical quality, prevented complications, reduced costs and saved lives.
  • Leadership and experience. We treat 22,000 patients every year, a high volume that translates into a superior level of experience for our team. In addition, our robust physician training program is busy preparing the next generation of pediatric otolaryngology experts.
  • Specialty clinics. Our highly specialized clinics gather experts from many different pediatric specialties to offer comprehensive treatment for complex conditions, from hearing loss and sinusitis to airway problems and salivary disorders.
  • Ongoing research. Our team actively participates in research in the field of otolaryngology, bringing the latest techniques and treatments to your child’s bedside. We are constantly working to make procedures even more safe and effective for your child. Learn more about the Children’s National Research Institute.

    Specialty ENT Programs

    Our programs provide advanced, focused care for a wide range of pediatric conditions. The benefit of our clinics is that your child receives a comprehensive evaluation and expert treatment from a team of specialists, all in one location and highly trained in your child’s condition.

    Learn more about our programs:

    Pediatric Otolaryngology Services

    Many children need to see an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist at least once, most often for an ear infection. The ENTs at Children’s National provide the full spectrum of services for ENT conditions, no matter what your child needs.

    Services we provide include:

    • Recognizing milestones. While every child is different, there are certain age-appropriate milestones that can help parents and doctors recognize a hearing concern. It is important to diagnose these conditions early so intervention can begin immediately. Sometimes, even common conditions can become more serious if left untreated. If you suspect your child is not meeting the appropriate milestones, contact our ENT department. Learn more about hearing, speech, and language milestones.
    • Expert diagnosis and evaluation. A pediatric ENT can also distinguish illnesses or disorders in children whose symptoms may be different from symptoms in adults. We provide advanced, focused, child-centered care in our department and in our specialty clinics. Learn more on our Ear, Nose, and Throat Online Resources page.

    Surgery for Children: Family Resources 

    Our goal is to maximize the quality of our patients’ lives and ease the stress on families. Children’s National provides many family-centered services because we understand that when a child is ill, it affects the entire family.

    Learn more about:

    • Services for Families: Support services and helpful resources for families and patients
    • Amenities: Information about our facilities and services available during your child’s hospitalization
    • Having Surgery at Children's: A guide for what to expect

    Ryan M's Story


    Ryan Morales and Kurt Newman

    Father and son Ryan and Alex Morales know what it’s like to spend days—even weeks in the hospital. The two have been patients at Children’s National Hospital for more than 10 years. Their stories are connected by Children’s National physicians who have been treating them since 2005 and continue to see them improve and grow in more ways than one.

    Ryan M's Story

    Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology) Team