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Revolutionizing Care Through Pediatric Discoveries

When a child is seriously ill or injured, an entire lifetime hangs in the balance. We can improve outcomes through focused inquiry and the power of innovation.

The Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus is an unparalleled incubator for discovery. It includes our Children’s Research Institute, Rare Disease Institute. We seek to expand our 1,300+ active research projects. Our findings will advance care for children everywhere.

Together, we’ll drive clinical advances and speed novel solutions for children and families. Contact Meredith Chipman at [email protected] to learn more and lead the way. 
Ryan’s Story

Ryan is 17 and loves math, science, football and his sister Sonia. He also has a rare disease without a known cure. Children’s National researchers are pursing answers. “I know there’s a cure out there,” Sonia says. “When the doctors at Children’s National find it, I’ll thank them for saving my brother.”

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Help Us Solve Grand Challenges in Pediatric Medicine

Expand the Rare Disease Institute

Our Rare Disease Institute has the world’s largest clinical genetics program. We have diagnosed and treated more than 200,000 patients, restoring many to health. This global destination is a resource for families who often feel alone with no one to champion their child’s unique health issues. Funding for research, scientists, clinical care education and professional training will provide more expert answers, care and guidance.

Unlock the Secrets of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Philanthropy will create a collaborative hub for scientists and clinicians exploring the root causes of intellectual and developmental disabilities. We seek better understanding of these disorders to create more effective treatments.

Drive Breakthroughs in Cancer Research and Cell Therapy

Our Children’s National Research Institute pairs our team with scientists from academic medical centers, federal agencies and industry. Together, we will probe cancer at the molecular level. We will tailor care to a child’s individual biology. We will advance precision immunotherapy and cell therapy treatments for cancer, blood disorders, viral infections, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and even COVID-19.

Supercharge Understanding of Childhood Illness

Donor support will multiply our capacity to improve quality and safety. Using artificial intelligence and precision medicine, we will pursue new pathways to prevention, treatments and cures. Telemedicine will offer innovative ways to create access to specialty care. Our new Precision Health Data Program experts will mine and analyze electronic medical records and genomic data to uncover solutions for a range of serious childhood conditions.

Make Treatments More Precise, Less Invasive and Pain-Free

Powerful collaborations at our Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation clinicians with researchers and bioengineers. Investments will advance their work to develop alternatives to surgery and other lifesaving treatments that can be damaging to children.